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Lately my stupid messages won't clear. I can't even view them. And the website keeps crashing, thus means I'm having a lot of trouble keeping up on here.

So sadface. I miss seeing some of my artists work. Somewhere in--8,010 messages is probably the coolest pic I'll ever see and I won't see it because my thing is being a butt.

SO a lot of my coloring work will probably be found on my new Tumblr which can be found here:

I'll make sure to add some here on DA as well. I'm trying hard to keep up. I don't have many followers but you are all awesome and the people I do follow are just as awesome.

In other art/writing news my new focus point in drawing is Fem!Ciel Phantomhive. I've become obsessed. It's like a fricking drug. I can't stop drawing her. My sketchbook it literally littered with pictures of her.

Also, as for a lot of things, I still haven't found Blinded Future's jump drive nor have I found time to get around with it. A lot of the FO stuff I do I've even pushed aside because school became more important and I can't just let it slack and stuff. It causes my inactivity and when summer starts I'm still busy! I even have driving school! The car goes vroom vroom.

Although I have a new fic that is going to be coming out sooner or later either on my fanfiction account or on here. Although, it's a little gory and definitely rated M on the world. So I'll have to debate that. It's called Hopeless Illusion and I thank my lovely dear for coming up with the name. I think it's been like--5 months since I started this project and I finally settled on a name. Gosh. Even that I'm having trouble getting around to. Stupid exams.

Now then, hopefully I'll have some pictures for you people and have them soon. I think I have one I'll be glad to upload! Also, still no scanner. I don't have a photoshop license to help restore the color that's lost when I do scan.

So that's my update.

Until next time

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I tend to draw very silly things with my friends. I'll also draw some of my own drawings.
I like to do Photography and Literature a lot.
I'm a fan of anime, I it! My number one favorite is Kuroshitsuji and second is Hetalia. I'm in the middle of Ouran and Soul Eater while still having to watch Angel Beats!, Fairy Tale, and Fruits Basket (So many to watch TTATT)
I also RolePlay as Ciel Phantomhive (From Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler) once in a while. It's so fun to RP Ciel!
I'm in the middle of writing my fanfiction Blinded Future and I came up with an original idea I want to start soon!
My friends call me Tsuki/Twizzler and when I'm referred on the Internet, they call my Shadey (Best. Spelling Mistake. EVER) I can be referred to either one. I'll answer to both!
I'm head writer and color artist of the group FO. I'm also one of the head monitors of the group and most final decisions come to me or my other writer. I'll just call him Courage since he likes to go by that. If you are interested in following our group as to how we do, please give me a message! I'll give you as much information I can give! :D

I'm also open for any art trades and writing co-ops. I'll also do color requests for Deviants that wish to have them colored by colored pencils

Thanks for visiting!

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